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If you have spinal, neck, or back issues Doc Gentry can make a huge difference in your Chiropractic Health.

John D.

Dr. Gentry is very knowledgeable and really takes his time to educate patients. He helped me gain back strength and flexibility in my back after an injury. I would definitely recommend.

-Stephanie M.

I had tried everything to relieve my back and leg pain prior to finding Dr. Gentry.  Exercise, massage, dry needling, other Physical Therapist, epidural injections (twice) and pain management medications, nothing worked. Within a few visits Dr. Gentry and his team had brought my pain down from a 9-10 to a 2-3! Dr. Gentry does not just treat you for an hour or two a week, he evaluates your entire life to find the cause of the pain and correct it. I am so pleased with my progress since coming to see him.

-Nancy L.